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What seasoning can we use for fish marinades?

Fish is nutritious, easy to digest, and delicate. However, there are still a lot of people that don’t like it. They say it’s the specific taste, or smell and the number of fish bones to deal with. Fileting and portioning fish is time-consuming. Nevertheless, a well-prepared fish is a fantastic proposition for the fast-food industry. Many that have tasted deep-fried, battered fish at the Polish seaside, for example, have changed their stance on the dish. Why did they have this change of heart? They finally understood that the secret to the excellent taste lies in the seasoning, marinade, and the batter.

Fish preparation before cooking

The art of fish preparation lies in the correct seasoning. Fish needs to be marinated before deep-frying, grilling, or baking. This way, it gets its taste, color, and aroma. Fish becomes tender when marinated. Marinating has preservative properties and shortens cooking time. In short, when we marinade fish, we change it from an undesired dish to one that is delicious and highly valued. When it comes to restaurants and fast food bars, it is a great idea to use seasonings and marinades containing the right mix of ingredients that highlight the taste. Restaurant owners need not worry about selecting the right kind and amount of seasoning to be sure that their customers enjoy a delicious meal prepared quickly.


Home marinades for fish

There are plenty of spices to choose from when preparing a marinade at home. We should be careful not to go too far with the seasoning as it might ruin the taste of the fish. Mustard, honey, white wine, regular or wine vinegar, and soy sauce are some of the available ingredients of fish marinades. The seasoning should be selected based on the type of fish we want to marinate. Sweetwater fish such as carp, bream, or trout shouldn’t be overly seasoned. It is a good idea to use white pepper and to avoid bay leaf and allspice as their intense aroma might overpower the flavor of the fish. It is recommended by chefs that sweet water fish is seasoned with lemon, lemon pepper, dill, thyme, or parsley. 

In fast service restaurants, it is best to use ready, pre-made solutions such as the Holly Powder seasoning for fish fillets and marinade. They enrich the taste of fish and give it a distinct and original flavor and a pleasant aroma. The marinade makes its way into the meat, and the result is simply delicious.

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